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"After we shot the pilot in Philadelphia, I came home and proposed to my girlfriend," Weber, 36, says. "I did it. We've been engaged for just under a year, and I'm taking her to Bora Bora."
He adds: "I don't think I've ever said that publicly."

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In a surprise move without precedent in the history of college sports, Northwestern University football players have petitioned to form a labor union.

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This episode of the film is also compelling, in a different vein ? the urban political thriller or cop procedural ? but the ironic contrast between Avery and Luke is ladled on pretty thick. Avery stays on the right side of the law (as far as the world knows) and Luke’s a dangerous renegade, but one of them’s trying to provide for his family while the other is thinking only of himself. Actually, to put it more accurately, both are pursuing mythical ideals of American manhood, and both will reap the fruits of their delusions in almost Biblical fashion. Unfortunately, while the middle portion of the film is only slightly weaker than its opening section ? and Cooper’s careful performance as the hooded, calculating Avery simply can’t compete with Gosling’s charisma ? the final section plunges off a cliff, from the territory of Major American Film into that of After-School Special.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills